Atlanta, GA (April 17, 2019) – Kremo Ice Cream & Gong Cha Tea open Sandy Springs locations at Orkin & Associates owned 6135 Roswell Road.

Business owner, Luc Tran, has created an exciting and delicious destination by pairing the two artisanal concepts.

Kremo Ice Cream uses naturally and locally sourced cream to make hand-rolled gourmet ice cream with real fruit flavors to make a delicious and special experience. Help us shout it from the rooftops, KREMO IS FOR EVERYONE! All of their products are gluten free!

Meanwhile, Gong Cha Tea is one of the most recognized bubble tea brands in the world offering a unique milk foam topping above freshly brewed tea. The teas are brewed with an array of fruits, toppings and offer some very creative and delicious mixes. While the teas photograph beautifully, you have to taste them to believe just how amazing they are!

We encourage all self proclaimed “foodies”, ice cream lovers, and tea aficionados to visit these new businesses and share their experience with the world! Once you visit, we have a feeling you’ll come back.